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 225 Gal 72x24x30 inch. Acrylic. 330# Fidji and Tonga Live Rock and 330# DSB mix originally made out of 1/3 live sand, 1/3 Caribsea Oolitic and 1/3 Caribsea Aragalive.

Stand and Canopy:
Custom Solid Oak
40 Gal Acrylic. Top Off from Kalk reactor via Spectraupre's Litermeter III fed from RO/DI storage unit with LLC level controller.

37 gal Poly.

Downstream 55 Gal AGA combo frag and algae scrubber w/DSB Caribsea Oolitic and 50 # of LR. Chaetomorpha and Gracilaria. 2x250 Watt MH AB13K SE on perpendicular reflectors and IceCap electronic ballasts. Lights ON 12hr/day from 7:00PM to 7:00AM. Pods, ministars and worms sourced from Inland Aquatics.
Two MaxiJet PH for circulation and Internal Overflow.

29 Gal Glass Aquarium with CPR Back Pack Skimmer, Eheim canister 4 stage filtration, 250 watt MH Luninarc lighting system w/Ushio 10K bulb and 9 watt UV setrilizer

Propagation Tank:
Tenecor Acrylic Eurobraced 48"Lx24"Wx16"H 70 Gallon Water Capacity with Center Overflow double return fed directly from sump via a Mag Drive 18 submersible pump. Lighting 2x 250 Watt 13K AB MH bulbs driven by Two IceCap Electronic Ballast supplemented with two T5 54 watt actinics.

Water Purfication:
RO/DI: 6 Stage Pumped Dual Membrane 160 Gal/Day Spectrapure. 0.5u Sediment, 0.5u carbon block, Two Ultra High Rejection 98.5%+ TFC membranes, 10" Color Indicating Strong Anion DI, 10" Mixed Bed for removal of Ammonia from Chloramine, 10" Mixed Bed cartridge Electronic Grade Resins, Auto Shut Off, Auto Flush, Auto purge valves and floats for RO storage and Mixing Tanks. LLC Auto top off system in storage tank. Electronic Water Quality Monitor and dual TDS meter. Water Purity 18 Megohm.
Main Lighting:
3x400 watt MH 13K SE AB on 220V Icecap Electronic Ballasts. Supplemental actinic 4x96 watt PC on Hamilton (Advance) Electronic Ballasts on a 72" Hamilton Hood.
4x15W Blue incandecents for Moon simulation plus 4 High intensity Blue LED for night viewing.
Switching for passing of the sun, Sundown, Sunrise and moon cycle provided by Aquacontroller 2 via X-10 110 and 220 V appliance modules.
Water Circulation:
Return pump Iwaki 100 RLT. In tank circulation 4xMajiJet 1200 alternating pairs for wave motion. Dual 3/4" Loc-Lines from return. Total circulation 2,700 gals/hr. Max 2,100 gals/hr typical.

ETSS 1000 w/Iwaki 70RLT, Outside air in and out vent. 1 Gal auto-shut off collection vessel with AC filtered vent. 1,250 gal / Hr processing Cap.

Red Sea 250 mg/hr ozoniser w/ORP controller feeding to skimmer air inlet via a wisper air pump with two 500 grm capacity Silica Gel Dryers. Setting at 75 mg/hr and 400 mV ma ORP at sump for 330 to 375 mV ORP in Main.

UV Sterilization:
40Watt Aqua Ultraviolet w/ quartz sleeve sweeper cleaner.
Main Tank Heaters:
Installed in Sump: 3x350watt Won Bros digital Ti heaters.

1/4 HP Aqualogic Delta Star in-line chiller.

Trace Elements:
Kent's Strontium / Molybdenum at 1.5 ml/day. Once in a while Coral Vite and Iodine are dosed if needed by a TLF Vario Dosser 3 by adding 0.25 ml six times per day.

CO2 system:
35# cap. Aluminum Cylinder w/Blue line regulator and solenoid on Pin Point PH controller. Effluent set at 160 ml/hr 24/7 at 6.5 PH on ARM media

Calcium Reactor:
Custom made double chamber (6" dia Main 41/2" dia second) Cap 20# of Media. Feed from 1200 maxijet line monitored by DIY pressure gauge. Recirculation provided by Iwaki 20RLT pump. Effluent flow adjustment via flow meter and needle valve.

Kalk Reactor:
By Geo. Feed provided by Spectrapure Litermeter III on 16 hours per day. Consumption 2 cup of TLF's Kalk per month. Flow set at 13 liters/day for net addition of 8.7 liters (2.3 gallons) per/day to match evaporation.
Mixing Tank:
55 gal graduated semi transparent w/ 2x350 Watt Won Bros digital heaters. MagDrive 9.5 for mixing recirculation and transfer plus an LC15 white water 4psi piston diaphragm air pump via three 6" long airstones for aereation. Water mix at 1.025 sg.
Salt Mix:
Kent Marine boosted to 430 ppm Calcium, 1250 ppm Mg and 170 ppm alkalinity using Turbo Calcium, Mg Tech and Mix of Sodium Carbonate/Bicarbonate.

Water Changes: 10% to 15% (55 gal)per week

Carbon: Seachem Matrix 2 pounds replaced once every two weeks.

PhosBan: Two liters every three weeks on TLF fluidized reactor.
PH by Aquacontroller II and Pin Point Controller
Temp: Chiller and Heater by Aquacontroller II
ORP: Red Sea ORP controller and monitored by Aquacontroller.
Lighting: By Aquacontroller.
Alarm Systems:
Water on the floor (Main and Basement) alarm and pumps auto shut off if detected provided by waterbug controller and detectors via X-10 dual phase power line 30 Amp EKH electronic switch.
PH, Temp, ORP, Power Off by Aquacontroller and DIY lighting and sound indicators. On alarm, Text Message with tank parameters is sent to cellular phone.
Communication provided by Aquacontroller serial to Toshiba lap top set as wireless server via Linksys router to Cable Internet Modem. Phone communication provided via 56Kb Modem.
Salinity via refractometer; PH, Temp, ORP aquacontroller monitor and logging.
Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Alkalinity by LaMotte.
Calcium, Magnessium by Salifert.
Phosphate by Hanna Colorimeter, Silicate by Hach.